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Featured Character


Hanbei Takenaka

Hanbei Takenaka is a character newly featured in Samurai Warriors 3. Before his playable appearance, he was a generic character in Samurai Warriors. He is a retainer from Mino who eventually serves under Hideyoshi. Also known as "The All-knowing Hanbei" (知らぬ顔の半兵衛), he is said to have matched wits with Kanbei.


Featured Battle Ground
Inabayama Castle (SW3)
Inabayama Castle

Inabayama was named Gifu after Nobunaga Oda took it in 1567. The castle was owned by the Dosan Saito during the 1550s, but his son Yoshitatsu Saito had rebel against his father.

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Featured Clan
  • Oda Clan Crest

3 Sovereıgn Clans of Sengoku Era

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Oda,Tokugawa,and Toyotomi Clans
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